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Pat Pickens
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2024

There’s no better feeling than connecting on an NHL parlay.

There’s a big, 11-game slate on the NHL docket Thursday, opening the door for a multi-leg NHL wager.

Let’s take a look at my favorite parlay bets for Thursday.

NHL betting odds used for this hockey parlay bet are current as of Thursday, Feb. 22, and are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Best NHL Parlay Today

Top NHL Parlay (+290)

  • Rangers +1.5 (-258) @ Devils
  • Lightning ML (-192) vs Capitals
  • Maple Leafs @ Golden Knights: Over 6 Goals (-115)

The Rangers have won eight straight games and will have what is essentially a home game playing at Prudential Center. Even though New York may not have Artemi Panarin or Jimmy Vesey, it may not matter since the Devils are among the worst home teams in hockey, sporting a .500 points percentage and allowing the most goals against per game (3.64) at home in the NHL.

Tampa Bay, conversely, is one of the best home teams in hockey. The Lightning have 18 victories at Amalie Arena and are fourth in hockey in goals per game on home ice (3.86), and Washington is just 11-15 against the moneyline as a road team.

The Leafs and Golden Knights are two of the highest-scoring teams, and Toronto is coming off another six-goal explosion in Arizona on Wednesday. The Leafs are fourth in goals per game (3.62), and the Over has hit in two of Vegas’ past three home games.

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Best Longshot NHL Parlay Today

Top Longshot NHL Parlay (+576)

  • Rangers ML (-108) @ Devils
  • Panthers ML (-105) @ Hurricanes
  • Bruins ML (-125) @ Flames

Why are we targeting three road teams, and two slight underdogs, as the longshot parlay?

The Rangers and Panthers are each rolling. New York has its lengthy win streak, but Florida also has won six straight. The Panthers are first in the league in road points percentage (.724), and the Rangers are tied for sixth (.638).

The Bruins may be in line for a letdown after winning their second straight in OT in thrilling fashion in Edmonton on Wednesday night, but as just a slight underdog against the reeling Flames, I’m taking Boston to win outright.

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How NHL Parlay Betting Works

Parlay betting is one of the most fun ways for sports fans to wager.

Combining multiple outcomes in a single bet is a way to get more lucrative odds and bigger payouts. There is added risk since funny things can happen, but with that extra risk comes the potential for huge payouts.

Here’s a look at how hockey parlay betting works.

Best NHL Parlay Bets

There are a few different versions of parlay bets that NHL wagerers can place. Here’s a look at each.

Multi-Leg Parlays

Multi-leg parlays, or traditional parlays, are the most well-known version. In a parlay bet, a bettor will combine multiple outcomes in a single wager, and each outcome, or “leg,” will need to hit for the entire bet to be successful.

Parlays carry longer odds and bigger payouts as you add legs because it’s hard to predict what will happen in multiple events. But if you want to take that chance, you can parlay NHL moneyline bets, totals, or puck lines.

Same Game Parlays

Same Game Parlays are a relatively new development in the sports betting space and are a hallmark of online sports betting.

Invented by FanDuel Sportsbook in 2018 and standardized by other legal online sportsbooks, Same Game Parlays are when a player combines multiple legs from one game with the hope they will all hit.

Some popular betting markets for same-game parlays include moneylines, totals, and player or game props.

Round Robins

A round robin is a parlay that allows users to combine wagers but offers a payout even if all legs don’t hit.

A bettor will add multiple legs to a round robin and then determine how many outcomes they want to consider.

For instance, there could be as many as six potential outcomes in a four-leg round robin or as few as two. Some popular round robins have nicknames like the Yankee, a four-leg round robin that accounts for each of the six two-leg parlays, two three-leg parlays, and the overarching four-leg parlay.

The bettor must include an added multiplied stake depending on how many outcomes are available.

Round robins may seem confusing, but they can be a good way to win some money back if your three- or four-leg parlay falls one leg short, as has been known to happen.

NHL Parlay Betting Strategy

My preferred NHL parlay betting strategy focuses on keeping stakes small, especially since things can get a bit crazy in hockey on a night-to-night basis.

The likelihood of a 10-leg parlay hitting is extremely low, though that doesn’t stop people from trying. However, if you want to make a consistent profit betting NHL parlays, you should stick to three or four legs per play.

Seek out data to find the legs most likely to hit, target favorable matchups in uneven scheduling spots (back-to-backs, etc.), and be sure to research starting goaltenders.

There’s no worse feeling than a heavy favorite coming out with a backup netminder and ruining your parlay.

As always, set a limit, wager responsibly, and have some fun, especially when betting on the chaotic nature of regular-season hockey.


Pat Pickens

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